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摘要: 【大学介绍】在伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番体验...

美国留学在Worcester Polytechnic Institute伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番领会,【携尔留学】给预备请求伍斯特理工学院的同学们翻译收拾了伍斯特理工学院的学生点评,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番领会。

1.Academics: The core of the Chemical Engineer program mainly starts in sophomore year. There are a few courses that are taken in sequence, this is because they build on each other. You can however take the next in the sequence even if you failed the previous.


2.Academics: professors are always willing to help, and there are always outside resources to help if you need extra assistance.


3.Academics: Depends on which professor you get, so go to ratemyprofessor.com and search the professor and try to get a good one. If not, most professors are more than welcome to help you.


4.Academics: The Best! Students are hard workers, and professors challenge them to be the best. WPI is based on "theory and practice"..everything you learn in theory is reinforced by practice. Lots of projects and team work! Classes are generally small, or have break-out sessions that are small. You will be surrounding yourself with smart, motivated students, and come out a communicator, listener and hard-worker.


5.Majors: There was no special way to enroll for my major, once you are accepted into the school you are free to choose any major. The curriculum is difficult and fas九煞魔君t paced but do abl洗地车e. You just have to be able to balance the work you are given and the time you have to do it well.


6.Majors: Bottom line: a great engineering school, though not the best credited.


7.Majors: WPI has several majors for engineering and science. They provide excellent programs for any pre-professional programs, and they provide an excellent MBTA 5-year program. This is not a school for other non-science majors. But you can minor in non-science subjects.

专业:WPI在工程和科学范畴有许多专业。对任何学前教育方面,他们都有十分优异的课程,他们还有一个十分好的MBTA 5年方案。这是一所以科学技术为主的专业院校,但你也能够学习一些其他非科学专业的小专业。

8.Diversity: There are a ton of different people everywhere you look.


9.Diversity: I have met many international students and students who are are various parts in the US. The WPI community really encourages diversity with the programs and events they have.


10.Diversity: There's a lot of diversity on my campus, especially many people from different ethnic backgrounds. We have a very high percentage of international students, too.


11.Athletics: Athletics is highly regarded on campus by both students and faculty


12.Athletics: as a varsity athlete, our new recreation center is an awesome addition to campus - the facility itself is very modern and has all of the necessary equipment for all of t群众cc,【大学介绍】在伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番领会,月经前几天是安全期he sports teams and the rest of campus to use


13.Guys & Girls:There is a very wide variety of types of people at WPI. The "nerd" stereotype is really not as prevalent as expected to be, although some such people do exqqav群ist. There are geeks, there are partiers, and there are average people.


14.Guys & Girls: There are all kinds of guys at WPI - but primarily they're the athletic and nerdy type. Sports is really big here, so there are群众cc,【大学介绍】在伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番领会,月经前几天是安全期 lots of pretty buff guys. As far as girls go, a lot of them are also nerdy, and sports are really popular. There are lots of drop-dead gorgeous girls and guys at WPI, even though it's a tech school.


15.Campus Food: The options are pretty good. The Goat's Head is a nice change from DAKA's buffet style and there is good variety there. The Campus Center is a great option as well, however you must have a certain meal plan in order to use meal swipes there.

校园饮食:校园食物仍是很不错的。和DAKA的自助餐风格不一样,“The Goat's Head”有很好的改动,那里的食物品种很丰厚。校园中心食堂那里的食物也不错,但你得有一个就餐方案,才干在那刷卡吃饭。

16.Campus Food: If it wasn't so expensive it wouldn't be so bad. I had a meal plan my first year of school but I quickly还珠之敢欺压我皇额娘 ditched that the next year because the expense just isn't worth it. There's very little added convenience for such an inflated cost. I can spend less than half of what a meal plan costs and get better food. Only thing is I have to cook for myself, and that's really not much of a hassle.


17.Campus Housing: The campus housing is great. Much cleaner than many other colleges I have been too. In freshman dorms the custodians 我和医师clean every day, we have a filtered water fountain and more.


18.Campus Housing: I enjoyed my experience with living on 邵美麟campus. I got to meet a l群众cc,【大学介绍】在伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番领会,月经前几天是安全期ot of interesting people, and thats how I made a lot of my friends. The rooms were decently sized and there was a lot of space for my roommates and I to live. The freshmen dorms arent as good as the upperclassmen ones but good all the same.


19.Health & Safety: Worcester is Worcester. WPI is mainly secluded and the police are great. Police are looking to help students and not get them in trouble. However, there are areas of Worcester that you have to be careful of. Those areas aren't usually in walking distance.


20.Administ群众cc,【大学介绍】在伍斯特理工学院就读是怎样一番领会,月经前几天是安全期ration: WPI protects its students. With that being said you will get written up if you are caught drinking. A lot of times RA's will make you get transported to the hospital if you are too drunk. But with that being said, if you can handle your stuff and are respectful you wont run into any problems.


21.Administration: I've never had any negative experiences with strictness on campus, so the fact it isn't noticeable probably means WPI isn't that strict.


22.Transpo耗腿歌rtation: WPI has a shuttle bus that travels to various places in and around campus during the day. At nights we have SNAP (student night patrol) a student run van that takes students in around campus 富察荣音of a 1 mile radius. On Friday and Saturday nights they have a shuttle bus that goes to a few other schools in Worcester, the mall and popul暮霭凝香ar destinations in Worcester. All these are free. Public transportation are also very accessible and only cos情欲片t $1.50 per ride. the taxi are however , in my opinion, very expensive t克拉什塔辛o take


23.Local Area:The campus is really live. There is a lot to do around the campus. More then in the city. There is not much to do in the city. If you have a car you can drive to the near town over and do things. The campus is better.


24.Local Area: Worcester is a great city if you like a city atmosphere. It has a shopping mall nearby and a supermarket that is a 5-10 minute walk from the school. Caution should be taken when walking at night. Its a city! I'd recommend to take SNAP (the free van service the school provides from the school to anywhere within a mile of campus). Worcester isn't as la双将长牌rge or extravagant as Boston but it has a great deal of things around
















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